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Eductoblast 75

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Eductoblast 75

The Eductoblast 75 is established as the market leader in open nozzle blasting. It is an effective and portable closed circuit blast and abrasive recovery system and is ideal for use with metal abrasive media. The system can be air or electrically powered and is significantly quieter than alternative blasting systems.

  • Capable of using abrasives as heavy as G39 chilled iron grit at full 7 bar working pressure
  • Unique vacuum producer and filtration system ensure both the abrasive and the dust generated are contained
  • The vacuum producer requires a maximum of 90 cfm at 7 bar and the blast nozzle consumes only 85 cfm of air at 7 bar
  • Air supply hose size 1 inch (25mm), vacuum producer
  • For use with a maximum grit size of 1.4mm
  • Recommended for the safe disposal of lead based coatings
  • Can be easily uncoupled for general open nozzle work
  • The light-weight blast head and hoses reduce operator fatigue
  • The vacuum producer is much quieter even with increased efficiency
  • Easy maintenance
  • Manufacturer’s instructions ensure safe use and optimum performance
  • Available for sale or hire

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S10-CCBS Eductoblast 75
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