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Graco XP70 Plural-Component Sprayer

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Graco XP70 Plural-Component Sprayer

The Graco XP70 Plural-Component Sprayer is the perfect solution for mixing high-viscosity and high-solid coatings. Its cost saving gravity feed design eliminates the need for feed pumps, reduces material waste and uses less clean-up solvent.Engineered for projects that require faster-setting two-part coatings, Graco XP Sprayers are easy to use and provide on-ratio, excellent spray quality for fast-curing materials.Graco XP Plural-Component Sprayers provide the reliable performance you need for challenging two-component projects. In addition, the units are designed to maximise gravity feed, which may eliminate the need for feed pumps.

  • Environmentally friendly high solids coatings, with little or no solvent
  • High viscosity epoxy coatings – up to 100% solids content
  • Epoxies
  • Urethanes

  • Cart-mounted pump packages include material hoses and the XTR-7 gun, and use an NXT 6500 Air Motor (N65DN0)
  • Versions are available without a fluid heater and solvent flush pump
  • Versions are available with a fluid heater and solvent flush pump
  • All Xtreme XP pump lowers include a built-in filter and X-Tuff packings
  • For more information on the packages available please contact Ecco on 01642 219760

    Reduces material waste Uses less clean-up solvent Consistent material quality Easy to operate with minimal training required Reduced maintenance costs Rated for 7250 psi (500 bar, 50 MPa) to handle viscous materials and long hose lengths Easy maintenance Requires the use of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) or Respiratory Protective Equipment ( RPE) (please see pages XX for more details) Manufacturer’s instructions ensure safe use and optimum performance Available for sale or hire

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Graco XP70 Plural-Component Sprayer Graco XP70 Plural-Component Sprayer