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New Distributorship agreements

May 2018

RPB is a World leading manufacturer of Respiratory equipment for use in the Abrasive Blasting, Painting, Welding, Fabrication and Foundry Industries.

ECCO Finishing Supplies have been supplying for the past 23 years predominantly into the blasting and painting industries equipment and PPE (personal protection equipment) from several different manufacturers, but today we can announce an Official Distributor agreement between ECCO Finishing Supplies and RPB, the agreement will cover sales in the UK, Kazakhstan and also through our business in the UAE.

In the UK we have been actively supplying the World’s most advanced Blast Helmet the NOVA 3 but to have access the rest of this amazing product range is fantastic news for us !!

SUBSEA Industries

April 2018

ECCO Finishing Supplies is very pleased to have signed an exclusive agreement with SUBSEA Industries which covers the UK & UAE

SUBSEA Industries is a World leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative products used to clean and protect Ships hulls and propellers, from fouling and cavitation. These products can also be used to offer corrosion and abrasion protection in the Offshore Wind Farm and Jetties.

The latest British Antarctic Survey vessel the Sir David Attenborough is using the ECOSPEED product to protect its hull, the durability of the coating and the ease by which repairs can be carried out, the ship is currently being built at the Cammell Laird shipyard in Liverpool and will enter service in 2019.

ECOSHIELD is a product used to give long lasting protection on a ships rudder, this product carries a 10 year guarantee and ends a never ending cycle of dry docking and repair work.

ECOFIX is a relatively new product used to repair cavitation damage on rudders and bow thrusters, and it can be used in conjunction with ECOSHIELD

We are already pursuing several enquires with this Companies very innovative products, and look forward to long relationship with them.