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Apollo-Cape with muffler lining

Products Blasting Personal Protection Equiptment Apollo-Cape with muffler lining

Apollo-Cape with muffler lining

The Apollo 600-60 are air fed respirator helmet designed for providing protection for a blast cleaning operative. It offers safety from the impact of abrasive, noise and respiratory hazards.

Apollo 60 Product PartEcco Product CodeApollo Product Code
Apollo 60 Cape with muffler liningS30-APCAP/HCAPH4435
Apollo 60 Inner helmet crownS30-APMUAPH8741
Apollo 60 Acoustic foam kitS30-APIHCAPH0065
Apollo 60 Window frame kitS30-APCKFAPH4369
Apollo 60 Intermediate VisorS30-APINTVAPH4373
Apollo 60 Backing visorS30-APBVAPH4367
Apollo 60 Outer tear off visor pack-6S30-APVIS6APH0002
Apollo 60 Window GasketS30-APWGAPH4452
Apollo 60 Window Latch KitS30-APWLAPH4368
Apollo 60 Breathing hose assemblyS30-APBHAAPH22811
Apollo 60 Control valve and beltS30-APCVBAPH100024
Apollo 60 Helmet suspension assemblyS30-APSAAPH8892
Apollo 60 Chin strapS30-APCSAPH4460
Apollo 600 Blast helmet air control valveS30-AP600-ACVAPH100042
Apollo 600 hoseS30-AP600-BAHAPH100914
Apollo 600 suspension assemblyS30-AP600-SAAPH23806I
Apollo 600 backing visorS30-AP600-BVAPH60000
Apollo 600 capeS30-AP600CAPEAPH23815D
Apollo 600 intermediate visorS30-AP600INTAPH60001
Apollo 600 visors (pack 6)S30-AP600VIS6APH60002
Apollo 600 window frame completeS30-APWFR(600)APH24012D
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Product Code Description Add to Quote
S30-APCAP/HC Cape Muffler With Lining
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